The Team

Even the most beautiful building and attractive surroundings can only really come alive when it has a warm and friendly team.

We are truly proud of our team; our chefs and kitchen staff that produce the menus, the bar and restaurant staff who look after our guests with as much care as they would take with their own family and the often forgotten stars of many a restaurant – but not ours – our dedicated local suppliers.

A menu as impressive as ours would be impossible to achieve without the support of these local suppliers, most of who are from within a 10 mile radius of the Deer’s Hut and include:

  • Our 28 day hung, Sussex steaks are sourced from the local Cowdray Estate and grazed on the South Downs.
  • Fresh vegetables sourced straight from British farms whenever possible.
  • Katie – our flower lady that brightens many a day, every day
  • Coopers – for the wonderful sustainable fresh fish from our shores and Scottish Lochs.
  • The General Wine Company- with the knowledge and passion that keeps our cellars full of wonderful wines
  • The local paperboy who delivers the tabloids every day.

Not to forget the local estates that supply our game as the seasons dictate.